data grid button

How to add a button or link into everyline of a data grid or template grid,click a button and we can open another page
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- add a data grid

- add a button in the control bar of the datagrid, set it to open another page, select page and make it default button in settings of the button

- the opened page should be build on the datagrid object

if you wish to add on the line a button you should use a list view wherein you can add a page button.


For a datagrid it is not possible to add a button in everyline. In a template grid you can right click and add a microflow button to open another page.


Hi Xiang,

Mendix is object oriented, so you can pass the object of the row, not a single attribute value.

Create a page and connect it as described in the other answers. 

The page should start with a dataview with datasource context and entity equal to the datagrid;

to show the required value, use either a text (read) or input widget (Write)