Import excel data

Is it possible to import excel data row wise, considering  the first column of the sheet as the header and used to determine the field names
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Sure it is. You have probably already seen the Excel importer in the Appstore. It is downloaded over 21000 times, so very widely used. It will however not allow you to import data the way you describe it. Two possibilities to work around this:

  • Modify this AppStore app by diving into its code and swap rows and columns there;
  • Create a preparation step that transposes the data in the Excel sheet. This can be done by Excel macro’s, or easier add a second tab with references to your data, but transposed.

Since you only have column F as datavalues, there is a third option. What you can do is make E1 'Fieldname' and F1 'Fieldvalue'. Do the import via Excelimporter, get the result stored in entity having attributes 'Fieldname' and 'Fieldvalue'. Then loop over the objects of that entity