Excel Importer Key and Case sensitive

Hello colleagues, As far as I know, in Excel Importer Module, when creating a template with Import action as “Synchronize objects” at least one attribute must be defined as a Key. I think that this prevents from duplicate current data in the App, am I right? However, I want to update some others attributes preventing unique IDs to be duplicated. What should I do? Also, could any please explain which is the difference when set Case Sensitive as “yes” for those with Key as “yes” too   Many thanks in advance
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When you set a fields as key the option Case sensitive to false makes that the key “thiskey” is the same as “ThisKey”. When case sensitive is set to true it would result in two lines because the are not identical.

Try to set the import to synchronize and update only existing records. This way you are guaranteed that no extra lines are created and only existing lines get updated.