Widget issues 8.4.0

UPDATE: 8.4.1 has been release to address this issue.   Hello, since updating to 8.4.0, I have been unable to deploy, it’s detected these widgets as the problem. They are running the latest version available on the app store, do I need to just wait until they are updated to work with 8.4.0? Thanks, Garion. Log directory for one of the widgets Build started: Tue Nov 26 2019 11:55:39 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time) Build application version: 1.15.0 (d545ad7) Messages: info(100) Assumed module uses legacy loader API. module: MobileFeatures/MobileFeatures.webmodeler info(107) Package Version: package: dijit; version: 1.15.0 package: dojo; version: 1.15.0 warn(205) Module not tagged as pure AMD yet it contains AMD API applications. module: mxui/dom module: mxui/mxui module: mxui/html/parser module: mxui/lib/ColumnResizer module: mxui/mixin/_Stateful module: mxui/widget/_Button module: mxui/widget/_WidgetBase module: mendix/lang module: mendix/validator module: mendix/lib/MxContext module: mendix/lib/MxMetaObject module: mendix/lib/ObjectValidation module: big/big module: MobileFeatures/widget/MobileFeatures module: MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/advanced module: MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/classes module: MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/customconnectionerror module: MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/dialog module: MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/spinner module: MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/statusbar module: MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/transitions module: widgets/widgets warn(209) Missing or empty package.json. filename: C:/Program Files/Mendix/ filename: C:/Program Files/Mendix/ filename: C:/Program Files/Mendix/ filename: C:/Program Files/Mendix/ filename: C:/Users/garions/Documents/Mendix/What Matters Most Pilot-main/deployment/web/widgets/MobileFeatures/package.json filename: C:/Users/garions/Documents/Mendix/What Matters Most Pilot-main/deployment/data/tmp/widgets/package.json warn(216) dojo/has plugin resource could not be resolved during build-time. plugin resource id: dojo-bidi?./_BidiMixin; reference module id: dijit/_WidgetBase plugin resource id: dojo-firebug?./_firebug/firebug; reference module id: dojo/main plugin resource id: dom-addeventlistener?:./aspect; reference module id: dojo/on plugin resource id: host-browser?dom-addeventlistener?:../on:; reference module id: dojo/request/watch warn(224) A plugin dependency was encountered but there was no build-time plugin resolver. module: dijit/Fieldset; plugin: dojo/query module: dijit/RadioMenuItem; plugin: dojo/query module: dijit/Tree; plugin: dojo/query module: dijit/form/_RadioButtonMixin; plugin: dojo/query module: dojo/request; plugin: dojo/request/default module: dojo/request/node; plugin: dojo/node module: dojo/request/node; plugin: dojo/node module: dojo/request/node; plugin: dojo/node module: dojo/request/node; plugin: dojo/node module: dojo/request/registry; plugin: dojo/request/default warn(225) A directory that was scheduled to be read during discovery did not exist. directory: C:/Program Files/Mendix/ directory: C:/Program Files/Mendix/ error(311) Missing dependency. module: MobileFeatures/MobileFeatures.webmodeler; dependency: dojox Layer Contents: mxui/mxui: mxui/mxui mxui/dom mxui/html/parser mxui/widget/_Button mxui/widget/_WidgetBase mxui/mixin/_Stateful mxui/lib/ColumnResizer mendix/lang mendix/validator mendix/lib/MxContext mendix/lib/MxMetaObject mendix/lib/ObjectValidation big/big dijit/BackgroundIframe dijit/main dijit/Destroyable dijit/Tooltip dijit/_base/manager dijit/registry dijit/place dijit/Viewport dojo/window dijit/_Widget dijit/_WidgetBase dojo/Stateful dijit/_OnDijitClickMixin dijit/a11yclick dojo/touch dijit/_FocusMixin dijit/focus dijit/a11y dojo/uacss dijit/hccss dojo/hccss dijit/_TemplatedMixin dojo/cache dojo/text dojo/request dojo/request/default dojo/string dijit/_AttachMixin dijit/templates/Tooltip.html dijit/_Contained dijit/_Container dojo/cookie dojo/regexp dojo/fx dojo/promise/all dojo/request/iframe dojo/NodeList-manipulate widgets/widgets: widgets/widgets MobileFeatures/widget/MobileFeatures MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/spinner MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/dialog MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/transitions MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/classes dojo/NodeList-data MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/statusbar MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/customconnectionerror MobileFeatures/widget/plugins/advanced dojo/dojo: dojo/dojo dojo/main dojo/_base/kernel dojo/global dojo/has dojo/_base/config dojo/sniff dojo/_base/lang dojo/_base/array dojo/ready dojo/domReady dojo/_base/declare dojo/_base/connect dojo/on dojo/topic dojo/Evented dojo/aspect dojo/_base/event dojo/dom-geometry dojo/_base/window dojo/dom dojo/dom-style dojo/mouse dojo/_base/sniff dojo/keys dojo/_base/Deferred dojo/Deferred dojo/errors/CancelError dojo/errors/create dojo/promise/Promise dojo/promise/instrumentation dojo/promise/tracer dojo/when dojo/_base/json dojo/json dojo/_base/Color dojo/_base/browser dojo/_base/unload dojo/_base/html dojo/dom-attr dojo/dom-prop dojo/dom-construct dojo/dom-class dojo/_base/NodeList dojo/query dojo/selector/_loader dojo/NodeList-dom dojo/_base/xhr dojo/io-query dojo/dom-form dojo/request/watch dojo/request/util dojo/errors/RequestError dojo/errors/RequestTimeoutError dojo/request/xhr dojo/request/handlers dojo/_base/fx dojo/_base/loader Process finished normally errors: 1 warnings: 44 build time: 5.517 seconds
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I did a little investigation, please file a ticket with Support, this seems like a bug:

Up until Mendix 8.3 the DojoX library was included (for example, the retracted 8.3 had: Program Files\Mendix\\runtime\mxclientsystem\dojox and Program Files\Mendix\\modeler\tools\node\dojox)

8.4 seems to have this library missing, which will most likely break a lot of the older widgets.


The folders mentioned by Jelte are indeed missing. We’ve received the advice from support to copy the dojox folder in runtime/mxclientsystem from 8.3 to 8.4. This didn’t actually fix anything as you also have to copy the other dojox folder (modelers/tools/node/). After that you can build… but not via cloud deployment - as the build process doesn’t use your client I guess.

By building a deployment package locally and uploading it manually you can deploy like you’d want to. I’ve just successfully deployed a project with 8.4 to a node like this after getting these errors on six widgets.

N.b. Mendix is working on a fix.