Change Contraints based on click

Hi there! In my domain model I have an entity “Classification” with the attributes “Name”, “Class_ID” and “Parent_Class_ID”. On a page I have a template grid that shows the objects of this entity. Now I’d like to get this functionality: Once the user clicks on one of those objects, it should take the “Class_ID” of this object and use it as a constraint for the template grid and display only those objects that have the clicked “Class_ID” as “Parent_Class_ID”. How can I get this done? Is it described in the doc or in a learning video? Any help is appreciated. :-) Can I implement a microflow that stores the selected class ID in a (session) variable and then use this variable in the constraints? So long and thanks…    Markus Here some more backgrounds: The idea is to have a list of "classes". ID Parent Name c1 top Africa c2 top Asia c3 top Europe c31 c3 Netherlands c32 c3 Germany c33 c3 Italy c321 c32 Cologne c322 c32 Munich c323 c32 Stuttgart At first the 3 top classes c1, c2, c3 should be displayed. If the user clicks "Europe", the child classes c31, c32 and c33 are displayed. If the user clicks "Germany", the child classes c321, c322 and c323 are displayed.
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How would this work in practice, wouldnt the selected row also get hidden with this logic?

I think you could setup the page with a listen to construction. Have a dataview that listens to grid 1, which then displays another grid with your constraint.