How can I share the link to my web app with the client?

I develop a web app in Mendix.  After I press “Run” in Mendix modeler, and waiting for my project to be uploaded to the cloud, how can I share it with somebody, so that the client could test it? The QR-code sharing works only with mobile apps which will be opened using Mendix mobile app, which is a not my case. The link which I see in my browser when testing the app locally is my localhost so its not the option too. I tried sending the link to my own email using Mendix built-in feedback widget, but it shows an error message.
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If you click Run (and it deploys to the sandbox cloud) then you should simply be able to click on View App. and it'll go straight to your app in the sandbox environment

Otherwise you can also go to your apps in the Sprinter environment (just click on apps in the main menu above this forum) navigate to your app. And select View app on the top right corner. That should also navigate you to your app in the sandbox environment.



If you want them to test against your localhost, you will need to use something like ngrok, which provides a public tunnel to your local machine.  Or you could deploy to the Sandbox and then you would have a public URL to send your client.

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