Make button invisible if row exists in a entity

Hi! Because the forum is working great today I thought of asking this question to :) So, I have a registration entity where I register who is joining what course. This is how the (registerd account) vieuws it (so here it should only be the unregister button) How can I make the button register visible ONLY when in the entity Registration the row exists with the course and current account?   Gracias!
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You could use the ‘ShowByCondition’ widget. The widget allows you to hide a parent container by returning true or false from a nano- or microflow.



If you don’t want to rely on a widget you could use a dataview with a Nanoflow datasource where you retrieve the registration that is associated to the current user and the course. Inside the dataview you can use the expression ‘$currentObject = empty’ to show content when the registration does not exist.