Orphaned Files in Mx7.23 on-premise

After checking the Project\data\files folder (600.000 files), there are much more files located (+25%) than in the filedocuments entities exists (450.000 records). It is a system that is already started with Mendix 3 and during the years upgraded to Mx 7.23.9. I read there is an option by backup and restore, but it looks this is only possible in the MxCloud version. Is there also a way to get rid of the orphaned files on an on-premise environment.
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Use the M2EE tools to do the backup and restore process. Start the m2ee tools and type ? to see all the commands.

The one you are looking for is dumpdb to create a backup, emptydb to remove the database and files and restoredb to restore everything back.

I would suggest you try it on your accp environment first. Note that it will mean your application is offline for a couple of minutes depending on how large the database and how much files there are.




See github for all the documentation https://github.com/mendix/m2ee-tools