How to toggle visibility of a container?

Is there any tutorial on how can I toggle visibility of a certain container in Mendix? In my case I use the same Entity for the Pie Chart and Visibility management. I made a test with an image, I want to make it visible only after I clicked the button. I tried to implement it this way: I created an Entity with a bool variable (other variables are for the pie chart). On the page I added a data view linked to this entity, I passed an object to it using a microflow. And I placed the image inside and set its visibility to the entity attribute (bool)   I created a button (titled “show cards”) which calls a microflow, which should change the bool, here is the mircoflow: But for some reason when I run the page, the button remains inactive so I can’t click on it. Maybe there is something wrong with the microflow? 
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According to your screen copy, the microflow change activity does not have the refresh in client turned on, so the change would not be reflected in the client.

Such a small change could be done using a nanoflow, preventing a server roundtrip as these run in the browser.


Could you also make a screenshot of the page? If the button is not clickable then it has something to do with rights or the object you show in the dataview isn't created or something like that.