Building my first app

I am a new Mendix user and am working through the Build an App in Mendix Studio class in Mendix Univ.  I have a number of questions since there are small differences between the instructions and the result on the screen.  My main ones are:  When you build a new ToDo task (see 2.2.1), should the task name that you’re asked to enter display on the task tile on the page? When you click “Assign to me”, should your account name appear or would it be “demo_manager” or “demo_user”? The same questions as 1 and 2 but for 3.5.2 when you create a new task with your updated panel. At the end of 3.5.2, it indicates that you should have the header image,menu etc. similar to the template page.  This does not happen.   Also, I was asked to download Mendix Sudio Pro to my laptop, which I did, but when I try to run the app locally, I cannot login.  What credentials should I be using? Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Rod Wagoner 520-979-1803
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Hey Rod,
I’m not sure about your specific questions (1-4), but I can help you with the last one. 
You’ll probably want to try logging in as MxAdmin with a password of ‘1’ (This can be edited in Project module → Security → Administrator tab → Password field). That will allow you to get into the app, and you should be able to give yourself access to the included ‘Account_Overview’ page which will then allow you to create new local users you can test things with.
You can either ctrl+g and type in ‘Account_Overview’ to find the page or get to it by going to → Project module → App Store modules → Administration module → User Management folder → Admin folder → Account_Overview page.


I hope that helps even just a little bit. It’s been a while since I’ve gone through the course, so I don’t know about the specifics. Sorry I couldn’t help out more, but if you break down the issues for me in a Mendix specific way instead of a learning module specific way I may be able to help!


Q1) No. That particular attribute is named 'Description’ and is not added to the Tile. That is why you do not see it.

Q2) That is probably the intention but also probably a bug in the course. No one gets assigned. Nothing happens.

Q3) Answers are the same as Q1 and A2

Q4) Indeed the percentage will stay on 0. You will only get it to move if you set one of the two Todo-items to status Done. It will become 50%. Adding another item and setting that to do too, gets you 67%.

So some minor glitches in the course, but it is a pretty neat tutorial and I think you get the drift of the application.


Minor additional clarifications:

  1. To see it on the Tile, type in the same name in the Task title ... field (just above the Description field).
  2. The “Assign to Me” button is supposed to fill the Assign To field with your account name but it will work only after you Publish and View your App (which is 6.2.1 of the same course) with your Mendix account sign-in.
    [In case you are interested, the reason for this is that the microflow behind the “Assign to Me”  button retrieves your AppCloudUser account which is not available when you Preview the App. It becomes available only while the App is running on the cloud.]