Configuring Add button to show an object on another page

Hi All,   I am trying to configure an “add” button to display its content on another page through a microflow. My app is  a school scheduling app where I have a list of courses that can be added to a schedule, thus I want my users to be able to click “add” on individual courses and have them appear on the corresponding schedule page through a microflow. However, the microflow I have made puts all the courses listed on the course page onto the schedule page instead of a single course when the add button is clicked.  Here is my microflow:   Can anyone help me fix this microflow so that only the courses that are “added” (by clicking the add button) show up on the schedule page?     Thanks, James
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Yep, your microflow should retrieve Fall_Schedule from the database but instead have Fall_Schedule as an input parameter. Then, on the overview page you can pass the selected object along to the Add-button.

An easier way is to create another Overview- and NewEdit-page by going to the domain model and right-click the entity FallSchedule and select Generate Overview pages. Mendix will do the magic for you.