my profile is already public but I cant make my community profile public?

Greetings,  I already made my profile public and now I have a challenge to make my community profile public, but I am not sure how to proceed, I already googled and found you have to fill all of your profile information and make it public but I already did this and my challenge doesn’t change to complete. what am I missing?
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That’s a problem with challenges. You sometimes get challenges that you can’t finish (complete a learning path if you already completed all of them, make your profile public if it is already,...).

It’s because challenges are just randomly assigned. I would use the feedback button and leave them a message. It woulb be nicer to only get challenges you can complete.


It seems your profile is already public because you page is accessible. Why do you think it is not public?


I had the same challenge and problem a couple of months ago. 

I flagged it to Mendix and for me the problem was down to my profile being partially corrupted after it was ported from an old account. They did something so I wouldn’t get the challenge again, but it still left it impossible to complete until the challenges all reset again a few weeks later.