After delete image object, file remains in Azure Blob container

We have set up Microsoft Azure Blobs as filestorage. This works great. After selecting and uploading, the image is placed in the set Blob container. But when deleting an image object (Generalization of Image => FileDocument) this object is deleted from the database, but remains in the Azure Blob container. How can this also be removed so that no images remain in the Blob containers and this no longer has a record in the FileDocuments?
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- Default behaviour is the Runtime will delete the object from Blob storage when the FileDocument is deleted.

- When Runtime Setting is set to false, it will NOT delete the object from Azure and it will stay there indefinitely (see:

- Setting is the recommended setting and the default in all templates I publish (e.g. Reason being that it enables you to restore an old database backup and still have all the files available.


I assume you have configured Azure Blob Storage in Mendix, and you have not made a custom integration. Although I have no experience with this setup, I suggest the following actions:

  • Ensure the configured account is authorized to delete files,
  • Check the log file for errors and warnings concerning the deletion of files,
  • Submit an incident at : the database and file storage being consistent is something the platform needs to take care of, if it doesn’t, I would consider this a bug.


I would like to know the process and steps for Blob storage integration within Mendix app.

Could you share please your feedback ?