Reference Selector problems

Hello Community, i am very new to Mendix and i have some questions. Iam trying to let the User create an Account and let him choose if he is good at sports, or not. So i created an Reference selector as you can see in the picture below: But my problem is, that I dont know how to add objects to the reference selector. For example, I want that if the User clicks on the reference selector RunningLvl he can choose between the level Beginner and Advanced. Thank you for your help.
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Hi Christopher,

You need to add an overview and detail page for RunningLvl entity and associate this to your project navigation where you can manage (add/edit/delete) RunningLvl objects that you want to appear in the reference selector dropdown.


Hope this helps!




Thank you very much!

But does this safe it forever, or do I need to add new RunningLvl objects everytime I start the app?


no, you didn’t need