Generating Java classes and code from domain models and microflows

I’m looking into vendor lock-in and the possibilities for maintaining (or at least running) my applications outside of the Mendix ecosystem. In the vendor lock-in section of the evaluation guide, it says “By using the Mendix SDK, you can generate Java classes or SQL DDL statements from your domain models or Java code from your microflows“. Which then pointed me towards the Mendix Platform SDK, which refers to the “Generate Code from the Model” article. But this article doesn’t describe what I’m looking for (it generates JavaScript and seems to focus on extension rather than extraction). Is it possible to extract my full application to a functional Java project? Is there a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this?
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There is no step-by-step guide.

If you want to extract the application from the SDK you can achieve this by creating your own script/ software to transform the typescript from the SDK to functional (java) code. The SDK contains all the information you would need to recreate the application outside the Mendix runtime, although this is not a straightforward task as you would need to device a way to convert the SDK data and the functions of the Mendix runtime to obtain a fully functional application