Association to an account

Going through the Mendix Learning Path Constrain your data using XPath. Step 3.2.3 “Create the Domain Model” number 3, describes creating an association to an account, with no description of where the account comes from. Can someone tell me how to create an association to an account rather than an entity? There is no point in the Learning Path where I am asked to create an account Submitter or Approver. This is the image from the step in the Learning Path that I am asking about:
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Hi Maryann,

The relation names (submitter and approver) aren't related to entities by those names, but two different ‘Account‘s – which is just an entity. 

I think the account entity should be available in your application under the Administration module – I don't have the academy course set up anymore but I'm pretty sure it's in there. 


Hey Maryann, those are not entities, but associations which have simply been renamed.

“Account” is also just an entity like any other and should already be available in the Administration module.

If you create an association between your desired entity and the account entity you can rename the association afterwards to whatever you would like. In this case: “VacationRequest_Submitter” and “VacationRequest_Approver”

To add an association simply right mouseclick your “VacationRequest” entity, select Add, then Assocation. And find the account entity in the list of modules and entities which pop up.

After that, double click on the association line to be able to rename them.

(Best practice would be to not rename them as in the image. But to keep the original association name in there to avoid confusion. My advice would be VacationRequest_Account_Approver, and  VacationRequest_Account_Submitter. But this obviously won’t impact the functionality of your application)