XML Mapping with 1 to * associations

Hi all, i want to map an xml string to objects using import mapping. I have a xml file that looks like this:   I have created an xml schema (via online xml to xsd), and let it do it's thing with creating objects. So my model looks like this: there are some other 1-1 associations with muis_basisAlgemeen and Muis_btw, those seem to work normaly with testing. and i changed the name DATA to Muis_dagboek, but that should not be a problem i.m.o. Here is my xml import mapping:   In my case it's Muis_Dagboek that gives the problems, when i inspect after the import action, i see this:   Here you can see that the other associations are visible, but the association Muis_Dagboek_NewDataSet is knowhere to be seen. Is there something i'm forgetting here to make it work? or is this a bug and should i report this?   Kind regards, Reinier  
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When debugging, associations over 1-* are not shown. Instead, try to do a retrieve via association over Muis_Dagboek_NewDataSet  and then see what is returned.

Hope this helps