Generating pdf using window.print()

I would like to create pdf document of entire page which is contain graph and data. So here I’m using window.print() function in javascript on  Html snippet. It’s displaying the first portion of page but when I zoom-in screen size at 33% then it’s displaying the graph but overlapped the first page.  html snippet code- <input type="button" value="Print this page" onClick="window.print()"> index.html code- @media print {     .printPage {         background-color: white;         width: 100%;         position: fixed;         top: 0;         left: 0;         margin: 0;         padding: 15px;         font-size: 14px;         line-height: 18px;       } } Note: printscreen widget and document template is not supported to chart. So please help me to figure out this and give me a right solution for this problem.
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Not sure if it works but have you tried this widget: might do the job for you.