Let User pick an Event

Hello Community, so I am trying to create an App where an User can pick and attend to an Event. So I made 4 Pages, one EventOverview Page and EventDetail Page, where the User can create new Events and one RegistrationOverview and Detail Page, where the User can pick the Events he wants to attend to.     But my Problem is, 1) that when i click on Registration overview I get all the Registrations for every Event and not only for the specific Event and 2) that I cant figure out how to delete Objects in an ListView.   I hope you guys can help me!
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Hi Christopher,


regarding to your first issue:

Did you set an association somewhere between registration and an event. That could be a way to set an xpath on your datasource.


regarding your second issue:

Simply add a delete-button in your listview, or a micrflow-call-button, that deletes the object.

every object in that list will have a button like that.





Yes I did set an association between registration and event, but which xpath do I have to set?

And thank you very much!