Connect a page to the home_page does not work.

Hello, My name is Anton and I'm creating my first app in Mendix. I made a table in the Domain modeller and try to connect this table to a page for input. But this seems to be not well done, because a Context Not Available Consistency Error appears. Error CE1568 appears when I connect the input page to a button on the Home_Web page. What do I mis? Who can help me with this question?  
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The page that you created probably contains a dataview displaying 1 record.

Try to create an overview page with a datagrid or listview to display multiple records and connect this to the navigation. A second option would be to create a microflow that retrieves or creates a record in the entity that you created and then open this record in a page with a dataview.


Thank you Erwin for your quick respons. Yes, it is a dataview to input one record.

When I read your answer can I conclude that there is no standard facility in Mendix to create a new record in a template form?

If so, I will try to build this myself with a microflow.


Hi Anton,

If you click the error code in Studio Pro, you should be able to follow that link through to a page that has an example of the type of error you’re seeing and how to fix it:

When a page expects a context that is not passed to it from a calling page or a microflow, you will get consistency errors. The page needs to know which object to display (its context). There are two main ways to resolve this issue:

  1. If you want your detail page to show details about an existing object—then you should move the “open page” button into an area on your homepage that has the context of that object already (i.e. inside a listview, or as the “edit” button on a data grid)
  2. If you want your detail page to show an empty form to create a brand new object—then you should either a) change the button to an “action” button which calls a micrflow, and that microflow can create the new object and then show the detail page with the newly created object as context; or b) open your detail page from the “new” button on a data grid


Both of these options are outlined in more detail at the link above.

I hope this helps!