Problem with Listview

Hey, I have the Entity RunningEvent and an Entity RunningLevel associated to each other. Now I created an ListView with RunningEvent as DataSource and I want that the User can only see the Objects with the same RunningLevel as the User has, but I can see all Events not only the ones with the same RunningLevel. I hope you can help me!
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Ok so you should constrain either the listview or the entity.

- if it is just for this listview and the user normally can see all the event you should set an xpath constraint on the list view.

- If at all times the user can only see the events of its own level you should punt an xpath constraint on the entity(with entity acces)

The xpath should look something like:

[YourModule.RunningEvent_Runninglevel/YourModule.Runninglevel/YourModule.Runninglevel_Account = '[%CurrentUser%]']