Help to display real time value of an entity.

hello all, I am working on an app which (should) show realtime values once they are updated from the database,which i am fetching from SQLserver(external database) using a microflow,well for example if i am adding a row in the SQLserver the value should be reflected into my list view in mendix without refreshing the page itself, i was suggested to use common widget library and microflow timer by some members,but i dont know how to use them as I am very new to this platform and is still improvising. A step by step approach would be very helpful to understand how it is done.  
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Hi Shubham,

You need to place the microflow timer widget on the same page as your list view (place it under your list view). Configure the widget, define interval and select a microflow which needs to be executed. In this microflow you can add your logic (to retrieve details from database) and at the end of the microflow use ‘refreshClassByObject’ from Community Commons Function Library module and pass in the same entity name that you are using in your list view. 


Hope this helps!