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Hi, I tried to reproduce my problem in a simplified way. You can see the domain model and the Excel sheet in the pictures. How can I import this sheet in my App? I already did this course (https://gettingstarted.mendixcloud.com/link/path/44). But it doesn’t says how I can import tables with such associations. After that I would also like to export these kind of data. Can anyone help me please? Thanks and Kind Regards
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Hi Alina,

I would think about trying to format the excel sheet to have one row per record. This makes it easier to ingest. For example, in the row for “Company A”, you have 8 objects represented (the Tasks) and some extra (implicit) logic about associating those records to Department A and Department B. Instead, I’d think about creating an import file like this:

Importance | Difficulty | Department | Company
---------- | ---------- | ---------- | -------
2          | 1          | A          | A
1          | 3          | A          | A
2          | 1          | A          | A
2          | 4          | A          | A
2          | 1          | B          | A

Here, each row defines a Task, and then you can tell which Department and which Company to assign it to based on the values in those columns.

Hope this helps!



Can you modify your domain model association if yes I will suggest you to modify it as given below which will further simplify this.

company1< --------*department1<---------*task