How to configure hotjar with mendix

Does anybody have an idea on how i can configure hotjar with my mendix application? I do not want to add the script in my index.html. I am looking for a dynamic approach which would load my hotjar code based on the environment configuration.
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If I can still answer this for the next person: 

- create a Hotjar account 

- add your website domain to hotjar to obtain the javascript snippet. 

- if you have not done so already for other reasons before, create a new index.html in your theme/web folder, by copy-pasting the template index-example.html from the deployment/web folder. (see instructions here:

- add the Hotjar snippet to the head of the HTML file

- deploy and test that it works on Hotjar. 

This has worked for me. No need to put the code snippet on all pages, just the index.html.