Visual differentiation between test/sandbox and production versions of app

Is there a simple way to differentiate the UI between development / sandbox and the production / live version of an app? I am hoping to avoid having to go into the folder structures of the apps and update files there, but perhaps that is the only way? I am looking for a more automated way to do this so that we don't have to continually make manual updates as we deploy apps from sandbox to PRD. I appreciate any help.
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I would recommend that you add a DTAP (Dev, Test, Acceptance, Production) constant to your project. You can then simply maintain your constant on each environment. Set it once in each environment and you're done.

In your master layout, you could add a CustomString (populated via microflow) that adds a tag to non-production environments. If you put this on the master layout, it will only be executed once when you open the app, so it shouldn't be a concern for performance.