Modifying a Microflow

I just started the “Build an app in Mendix Studio” training. I am on section 4.2.1, Modifying a Microflow. Step 7 says to set the expression to “SLA_Achieved.” I cannot find an enumerated valued with that name, nor will it allow me to type it in using the following syntax TaskTracker.SLA_DashboardStatus.SLA_Achieved. Do you have any suggestions to help solve this issue? Thanks.
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I hope you crossed the 3.4.1 section of this learning path

There you created and entity named as SLAStatus and an attribute which is of enumeration type named as SLADashboardStatus

As per the 3.4.1 section of the learning path the name of the attribute is SLADashboardStatus  but later in screenshot they shown with underscore in between the attribute name like SLA_DashboardStatus. 

Can you try this one : TaskTracker.SLADashboardStatus.SLA_Achieved

For your information: Here TaskTracker.SLADashboardStatus.SLA_Achieved , TaskTracker is your module name , SLADashboardStatus is an attribute name and SLA_Achieved is nothing but one of the enumerated value of that attribute.

I hope this will helps you



In the SLADashboardStatus attribute of the SLAStatus entity, create a new enumeration called 

TaskTracker.SLADashboardStatus and create new Enumeration values called SLA_Achieved and SLA_Missed (fill in same value for name and caption).

Then in the microflow, you can select these values in the member field of the change object activity.