How to update the data in the chart (at the run-time)

Hi, So, I have a chart within a dataview which listen to a datagrid. With the search option, I can filter rows of the datagrid, but the chart doesn’t update itself. How can I update the datapoints in the chart (at the run-time) ? There will be minimum 1000 rows. 
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Hi Onur,

As I am not familiar with your exact use case and project, I will try my best.

As the datapoints in the chart are Mendix objects themselves, I assume that you need to update the chart object and set the correct datapoints after your datagrid search action. The chart won't listen automatically to datagrid search behavior or whatsoever. As this may result in quite heavy xPaths/database calls, I would advice you to rethink your page architecture as soon as this results in performance issues. Possibly you need to adjust the way you search the datagrid itself by using a custom search entity to make this all work.

Good luck! Hopefully this will give you some more ideas to think about.