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Hi, I am building a application for the purchase of various orders. So when the order is placed it is assigned to a person who is responsible for the order. That product delivery has a deadline. So when less than or equal to 30 days are left for the delivery of that product i want that the person assigned to that order must automatically receive a notification on his mobile and email that time for the delivery of that product is less than or equal to 30 days so please complete order fast. But i am not able to do that. So please if anyone can tell me how to send notification to that person on his Mobile and Email automatically. The notification should be sent automatically to him when 30 days are left. What can be the procedure for it.
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Well to send an email you can use the email module:

For mobile it depends on what you want to do, you could send push notifications: or you could send a text message with Nexmo for example: 

In order to send the message when there are 30 days left you could use a scheduled event and check this: