Tracking progress with QR code

I’d like to make something similar to a QR attendance tracking app. In this case, the user needs to be able to scan a QR code, but with each scan, a progress bar fills up. For example, our university group fitness team offers prizes (shirts, towels, etc) to those who participate in at least 15 classes. So the instructor holds the QR code and users scan it after classes to get their credit. After this is repeated 15 times, users can show the instructor the progress made. I have a class project in Mendix and would like to know if this idea of possible with the tools Mendix offers.
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Yes you can. Take a look at this widget:

There you will find the barcode scanner to read the QR codes.

Do follow the academy lessons and especially this one:





Hi Anthony Zaldana,

Short answer: Yes =)

There is a component in the app store to read QR code. You can generate QR Code too.

And this mechanics you described should be controlled by microflow logic and some screens.

Perfectly doable.