Data view with microflow as datasource, refresh in grid.

Hi, I have a data view with a microflow as datasource. On the entity I have an after commit microflow which updates the entity and refreshes it in client. Now in Firebug I'm getting the following response: "target":"system","type":"refresh_object_list","args":{"mxobjects":[{"objectType":"Order.ShoppingLineClassification","guid":281694020042765,"attributes":{"System.owner":{"value":281547991165128},"changedDate":{"value":1276010587281},"Order.ShoppingLineClassification_ProductMaster":{"value":281698315010053},"TotalPrice":{"value":"259.9"} As my object(ShoppingLineClassification) is mentioned, this looks correct. Only my dataview isn't updated in the client. Is this correct behaviour for a dataview with a microflow as datasource, or can this be a bug?
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The dataview doesn't show TotalPrice: 259.9? Or is there something else that you're expecting to be updated?

In the first case, it's probably a bug. Please submit a bugreport in mxdn :)