Modal popup autocommit issue

Hi, I’m trying to get to the bottom of potential auto-commit that is causing on change events to have the same db value as is ‘un-commited’ in the client. As I need to do a comparison between stored and changed dates, I’m struggling as there are no commits at this stage in microflows and the stored date is showing the new version whether I retrieve by matching ID or use the java function GetOriginalValueAsString from community commons. I have a Master page with a dataview embedded in a template grid embedded in a list view (don’t ask!) The dataview has a read only date picker. The template grid has a call microflow that retrieves an object (the data view over association) and opens a model popup page with that object as the data view. This long winded and complicated sounding layout, results in a read only data view being visible in the background and the same date member being editable in the modal popup.  The read only datepicker in the Master form is updated to the new date despite there being no commit or refresh to screen. I have a test microflow triggering on the on change event of the editable version, which triggers a message box showing the ‘old value’ updated to the one just changed. This functionality worked correctly until approximately version 8 (but we’re not exactly sure which version). All I can think is that there has been a change to autocommit that is trying to keep master and detail forms aligned, but it’s killing the functionality we rely on to understand date changes and apply the difference to other objects. Any ideas?
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