MxAdmin can not be associated with other Entities.

Hi All, I have few entities in my domain model like Challenge, Group etc. I have association of these with Administration.Account as to keep track of who have created Challenge or Group. When new Challenge is created I have created new Group for this challenge as Administrators of this challenge and added current user as one of the admin by default using Group<-->Account association. These associations are added on new challenge creation, which is working fine for all other users except MxAdmin. When I create challenge using MxAdmin I am getting error “This user name is already in use.” while setting Group<-->Account association.   This might be because MxAdmin is not treated as Administration.Account and association Group<-->Account fails. Any thoughts on how to solve this issue?  
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You MxAdmin does not have an account object. It's a system.user object. Therefore this will not work. You also will not be able to create an account with the name MxAdmin because Account is a generalization of User. And you cannot have two users with the same username ;). 

Why do you want to MxAdmin to be able to do this? Maybe its better to just create an account for this (and maybe also give the admin rights) and use MxAdmin only als application admin.