Dynamic Captions for Data Grids

I have a drug study entity where I want to provide the option to give a custom title to a custom attribute of an associated FAQ entity.  This enables each drug study to use this custom field for different purposes as needed.  Please see my example domain model below: I would like the FAQCustomHeader to appear as the caption for the custom column in the data grid.  It would be great if these captions worked similar to the button captions, where I could associate back to the study to pull the FAQCustomHeader.   My current workaround is adding a do nothing button on the data grid with different styling to display the FAQCustomHeader, but this isn’t ideal and still leaves “Custom” as the header on the grid.  Ideally I would like the data grid to have the same Xpath functionality to allow for searching. Are there any good app store options that work in 7.23.5 that I can use or any other creative ideas to get this working?
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A quick lazy answer for me these days would be to use a List View and the list view controller widget here to make it look like a data grid.  Data grids are a bit last season (until they get updated that is), so I would say use list views instead.

You may be able to do it in a data grid where you replace the css in your headers through the Set Attribute widget found here, but the list view is a bit nicer in my opinion.