Compiler Error in Model SDK dependency mobx

I’ve been trying out the Mendix Model SDK. I followed the steps in and also created the first script from the following instructions page. When running the `tsc` command I get an error message from the compiler:   node_modules/mobx/lib/api/flow.d.ts:9:108 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'AsyncGenerator'. 9 export declare function flow<R, Args extends any[]>(generator: (...args: Args) => Generator<any, R, any> | AsyncGenerator<any, R, any>): (...args: Args) => CancellablePromise<R>;   Is this me or do some dependencies need an upgrade? TypeScript version: 3.7.5 NodeJS version: 12.14.1
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Hi Christoph,

I could be wrong but I believe you may need to add the following dependency to the “package.json” file inside the dependencies section:

"mobx": "^5.14.2",

This might be out of date but here are the dependencies I had in there when I tried some of the SDK tutorials.


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