Why the Pie Charts are empty (but Data Grid widgets show data)?

Hello, I’m trying to display 2 pie charts on one page, and I want to be able to set values for both of them separately. It works perfectly with Data Grids, but for some reason, the Pie Charts remain empty.  Step by step: I have 2 entities for the 2 Pie Charts and a Wrapper entity associated with them. I pass this entity to the page in order to access associated entities by association.   I generated Overview and NewEditpages for the entities.   On the page where I want to display the Pie Charts, I added 2 Data View widgets and passed the Wrapper object to them using a microflow. Inside of each Data View, I added a second Data View and linked it with the corresponding Pie Chart entity by association. Inside of the second Data View widgets, I added the Pie Chart widgets. The microflow: The Pie Chart Widget settings:   I also added Data Grid widgets for testing purposes. As you can see, Data Grid can access the data I entered, but the Pie Chart widgets remain empty.  Why is it happening and how can I fix it? Thank you in advance!
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Hi Maxim,

Your model, wrapper to 1 to * relation, should that be the other way around?

Some use full sample van be found in the dev project, https://github.com/mendixlabs/charts/releases/download/v1.4.6/TestProject.mpk

Cheers, Andries