Problems starting and stoppnig XAS

I have a mendix application running on a local server for test purposes. I need to deploy a new version of the Mendix application to the server, and my colleague who normally does this is not in the office. I am having trouble starting and stopping the server & the available documention is a bit patchy in places. So I'd appreciate some clarification. The application is a Mendix project. When I run mx.cmd I only get three option appearing: 1: Start XAS in DEVELOPMENT mode 2: Start XAS in TESTING mode 3: Shutdown Whereas I need to start the server in PRODUCTION mode. If I start it in development or testing mode then it prompts me to create the development or test database, and does not connect to the SQL Server database specified in application.conf. The only way I have been able to get the server to run & use the SQL Server database is to run wrapper.exe, which starts up the server, but then doesn't terminate - if I terminate the wrapper.exe process then the the server shuts down again. Also - mx.cmd, InstallService.bat, UninstallService.bat and MaintenanceMode.bat all have an option 'x: Shutdown' but it is not clear if this means (Shutdown the XAS server' or just exit from the current process. Could someone explain what each of these processes does, and how they should be used. All I'm trying to do is simply to shut down the XAS server, copy over a new deployment folder and re-start the XAS server. Thanks.
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It kind of depends on how your system is setup. There's some documentation on 2.5 that might help.

However, if you're just looking for a quickfix, why don't you just copy the settings from app.conf to your modeler config and then run it as DEVELOPMENT or TESTING?