File Manager widget issue

Hi, I have a weird situation with the File Manager widget in an application created with Mendix V 8.1.1, where the user should upload a list of documents. I configured the widget such that it will only allow the user to upload files. The problem is that most of the time, whenever I upload a Word Document, Excel Sheet, or Powerpoint, basically an Office document, the file gets downloaded. Sometimes, it gets downloaded once, and some other times it gets downloaded more than one time. Sometimes this behavior auto-downloads the same file that has just been uploaded, and sometimes it auto-downloads another file that has been uploaded previously by the user on the same page. It’s worth mentioning that the widget works fine with PDF & JPG files (i.e., the file is uploaded only, and it doesn’t get downloaded). Any idea, why this is happening and how to avoid this peculiar behavior, because the user should be able to upload any type of file.   Thanks in advance, Hanaa
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