How to close the popup and the caller page together?

Hi, I have a normal page with a button on it. By pressing the button, I show a popup page using a microflow. When the user clicks a button on the popup, both pages should be closed depending on the button clicked. How can I do that? The problem is, that the microflow do not stop at the “Show page” activity, but continues to run, so it do not wait until the popup is closed. Therefore I can’t decide whether to close or not the normal page using a “Close page” activity. Calling the “Close page” activity twice from the popup has no effect on the normal page :( . So, how could I close both the popup and it’s “parent” page on a click of a button in the popup? Thx,
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As you discovered it is simply not possible to close more than one page at a time. One option is to close the popup dialog and navigate straight to the page where the user originally came from. This might not be so easy if there are multiple ways to open the master page.

Hope this helps