How to limit numbers of object to show in listview?

Hi, i’m building coffee shop and when i add something to cart a pop up window is shown that shows what customer just added, problem is that pop up is listview so every time you add item to cart it add up to the list. I don’t now why but can’t replace that listview with dataview,  below i will update a picture of my database and pop up page. Domain Model Pop Up page  
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On your popup page, instead of a list view, you only need a dataview pointed to Artical.  Then when you create a new Artical (with the association to Cart set), you can open the popup page and pass the new Artical.

If you want to see an example of this, on a page with a Cart dataview, add a datagrid of Articals over the association between Cart and Artical.  Then on the New button, right click and select Generate Page.  Studio Pro will generate an example of this page for you.