Feedback with Mendix feedback widget without login in as guest because the user is logged in to the application,

I noticed that a user is now required to log in when submitting a feedback request/item with the feedback_Collaboration Widget.  I would think that, since the user is already logged in to the application, and therefore the credentials are known to us, this would be unnecessary.  We would like for the widget to automatically use the name and username of the user when they are submitting feedback.  The user gets this message when submitting the Feedback. ‘You are not logged in. Please log in your application or continue as guest.’ See: I Tried different things in the configuration of the widget. See: Do is miss something in the configuration or is this Mendix that is not working in the correct way? Thanks for your help!
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I've used the widget and when I try it (when logged out of my Mendix account completely) it doesn't treat me as a guest but works on the Mendix logged in user in the application itself, While using User = Administration.Account, Dev portal identification to No, 

Did you test it in a licensed cloud environment or locally?