OnClick for Widget : an error message appeared such the selected page expects an objet not available here.

Hello, For my app, I would like to build cliquable widgets which redirect to page.  When I set my “onclick” property for widget concerned to show a page, I get an error message such the selected page expects an object not available here.   So I try to create a microflow in order to retrieve missing object for the page, but it doesn’t work.  The error message persists.    Could you help me to solve this bug please ? Thanks!!   Charles
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A few things to checklist through that might help

  • Does your microflow/destination have permission to see the object you’re retrieving?
  • Are you checking to make sure the object exists?
  • Are you making sure to return it to the page?
  • Have you definitely changed the onClick action to use that microflow? (might still be trying to call your destination directly from the page)


Hope some of this helps?