MindSphere Learning Path - no data available for MX_Tutorial_Drives

Hi all, using the data_ingest module I was able to successfully create  MX_Tutorial_Drive_1 MX_Tutorial_Drive_2 MX_Tutorial_Drive_3 However, there is no test data available for all three devices – this is what the Asset Manager displays for Drive_1:   Any ideas on how to resolve this? Further infos: - App is “self hosted” – running on Mendix cloud not MindSphere/CloudFoundry   Thanks   Steffen
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OK, the problem I guess is that you have not provided the needed application credentials. Without this credentials the background worker is not able to fetch a MindSphere token which is needed to write the data points.

Usually the SSO module expected this application credentials as Cloud Foundry environment variables (as described in the tutorial via manifest.yml). As you don’t have a manifest.yml and I don’t know any other way how to set environment variables for a free trial you have to think about another way how to feed your application credentials to the SSO module.

If you look at the domain module from the SSO

You see an entity called MDSP_ENV, which also includes the variables for the Application Credentials. This one has to be set in a secure way.

Hope this is helping.


Just some additional infos what you could try:

For test purposes you can change the Microflow “DS_GetAccessTokenForScheduledEvents” in the SSO Module. 
Remove the action “Get_MDSP_ENV” and adopt the following action “Create Credentials” and fill in the application credentials here directly.

I would not use this in an productive environment   – but for test purposes you can give it a try.