No permission to read or write entity. Check Security

Hi guys, When trying to view a nativemobile listview through the mendix native mobile app the loading icon is displayed and  I get the following message in the console: No permission to read or write entity NativeMobile.Field, check security! However, Project Security is set to off.  Any ideas how I can get the app do display my listview? Version 8.6.0   Thanks in advance!
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So after communicating with support (thanks again Nagila), the solution has been found. Before scanning the QR code of the application you would like to view in the Make it Native app you should switch on ‘Clear data’ (see picture). 



Original reply from support:

Hi Koen, 

I discussed this issue with the development team and they mentioned that such errors could have appeared because when opening the app in 'Make it Native', the 'Clear Data' option isn't selected if opening projects after another. When you do this, it’s critical to set the “Clear Data” switch before loading the app. Otherwise, your device has a data model that conflicts with the app it is connecting to.

With this, can you please enable this option right before scanning the QR code? Let us know if it helped. 

Kind regards,
Nágila Marques
Senior Support Engineer



This sounds like a bug. Try to narrow down the potential causes.

Setup several pages, having less and less of your current error page. See which you can open and which not. Try the other way around by creating a new page and keeping adding things until it no longer opens. 

Check if it is phonetype specific by checking the error on another phone.

Is Field a real attributename, try if changing it makes a difference.

Then when you have find the little element that causes this, open a ticket at My best guess is that they will need to create a patch.