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Hi all, I have two entities . Title is an attribute of Presentation , not shown in the screenshot bellow.   I have an presentation overview page, in which I see all presentations. When I click on the detail button I see the details of the selected presentation (pop-up layout). In that pop-up layout (named Edit Presentation page) there is a Review button. When I click it, i want to see in the reference selector only the Title of the previously selected presentation. At the moment the reference selector shows all presentations.  I tried constraining the results with the following Xpath but the list is empty. [MyFirstModule.Review_Presentation/MyFirstModule.Review/MyFirstModule.Review_Presentation/MyFirstModule.Presentation = '[%CurrentObject%]']       I also tried when clicking the Add Review button to call a Microfolow that will get the currentObject but with no success.  and of course the Review page that I am later trying to open, requires an Object of type Review to pass, except that I have none to pass since I am using a Presentation parameter.   What am I doing wrong here and what is the best way to approach this?   Thanks a lot   Using 8.6 Mendxi version.
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Hello Emmanouela,

In the microflow where you go to the Review_NewEdit page, you could already create the Review object, and set the association to the presentation input parameter. Next you can return this Review object at the end of the microflow, and use it as a page parameter on your Review_NewEdit page (which is probably already the case).

Also, when I look at the current microflow I think that the CurrentPresentation list you retrieve will be obsolete, because you already have your current presentation available as an input parameter in the top left of your microflow.

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As you are showing a review object on the popup page, your xpath looks wrong to me.

[MyFirstModule.Review_Presentation/MyFirstModule.Review/MyFirstModule.Review_Presentation/MyFirstModule.Presentation = '[%CurrentObject%]']  This is comparing your Currentobject (a review) with a presentation.

I think [MyFirstModule.Review_Presentation/MyFirstModule.Review = '[%CurrentObject%]'] should be the xpath you are looking for.


Or do you want to create a new review and show the presentation for which it was selected? In that case, you should create the review with a microflow and set the association in the create action. On your PopUp, you can make the reference selector read only as is is already selected in the microflow.