drop down filter on a list view

I want to populate the dropdown filter with the attribute of the table that is passed through the list view. I have this setting here but i do not know why the “Edit Filter Option” is asking for the “Attribute Value”. What should i use here? What happens if i choose “None” for the Filter? I want all the values in that dropdown not just one value. Other thing i want to know is, what does this dropdown filter actually does?
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Hi Erika.

I do not know if you already found the answer, but in this dropdown filter, you need to do everything manually.

In my case, for example, I am trying to filter an enumeration attribute. was necessary to create all options.

see below


The attribute values are the name of the values inside the enumeration list.

For dynamic filters, you need to create something for yourself.

see here

I hope it helps you.