tab switch

i have a tab widget with 2 pages(page 1 and page 2),in page 1 there is a button(button 1),if  i click button 1 i need to open page 2  (note: i used widget name tab switch and tab jumper (not working),any other method?? help me..
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When using tab switcher from the app store add the widget to your dataview.

Make sure to set a class to the tab container (not on the individual tabs) and also set this class in the switcher widget.

Create a tabindex attribute(integer) in your entity and select this as the datasource.

The create a microflow that sets the tabindex attribute, for example with 2 tabs set the attribute as follows:

if $entity/tabindex = empty then 0 else if $entity/tabindex=0 then 1 else 0 

Make sure to refresh the object in the change object activity and the tab will be changed. Tested in Mx 7.23.5

I did not get the microflow version to work, because when using this same method the widget will keep switching between tabs in a never ending loop.

But at least with the attribute option this can be used to switch tabs with a microflow button.