SAML - Get accesss token to invoke rest calls

Hello,  We have implemented SSO in Mendix app using SAML module. From Mendix app we invoke rest calls and want to pass SAML token to the rest calls ( ad authentication).  But i am not sure how to get SAML token from the mendix app.  Do we know if there is an API to get  SAML token  using SAML module  or some table.  appreciate if you can provide some pointers.   Thanks.     
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Are you trying to do rest calls from the mendix business server to a rest service?

If that is the case: it is not custom neither adviced (or even possible, not sure about this) to use the clients saml token for this.

In all cases i have seen so far the server always had its own certificate/username/other way to authenticate itself to the rest service.