How to set JSON empty object []?

I want to set the columnA(JSON format) [].  but the result was null. 〇:column A :[] ×:columnA:null How can I set the column []? The image is Export_mapping and Create object.                                                                  
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You want your columnA to be:

  • not optional, meaning that it has to be in the JSON-string
  • nillable, meaning it is allowed to be empty or []

That is accomplished in the schema source of the mapping. If that is an XML, then you can add

 minOccurs="1" nillable="true"

to the elements definition.

If it is JSON, I think it is not possible, hope to stand corrected.

Worst case you can use a microflow to create the required outcome.


Thank you very much.

It is JSON .I understand that.