Very long running scripts in browser

Hello everyone, I have a question: An application has an issue where the browser (Chrome) seems unresponsive for a minute or more when looking up some data. Entering the number to search on also makes the windows (application) unresponsive for a few seconds but does not result in an error, neither the lookup itself fails. It just seems to be hanging (even the progresbar). The inspection tools don't show any error, they do show long running scripts. I will paste the function calls here: The first one took 240 seconds (240000+ ms) and the second one almost 60 seconds to compleet (60000 ms). Does anyone know what said functions do? And more importantly, are they from Mendix or would these originate from custom scripts or widgets. That would make it easier to find the culprit.   1st script: starts with: var r=function(e,t){return(r=Object.setPrototypeOf||{__proto__:[]}instanceof Array&&function(e,t){e.__proto__=t}||function(e,t){for(var n in t)t.hasOwnProperty(n)&&(e[n] 2nd script: Starts with: function i(e,t){var n;if(t=t||{},this.trackingClick=!1,this.trackingClickStart=0,this.targetElement=null,this.touchStartX=0, I cant paste they whole code, the forum does not like that ;)  
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Hi Rick, in my experience this usually has something to do with security / access rules not rightly configured. Are you perhaps trying to show an object or even attribute to the user which he has no right for? This usually results in hanging pages without any specific errors..