How to correctly design domain models?

Hello Forum, I am relatively new to Mendix, and I am coming over from a world of programming with Java and JavaScript. But, with the brief time I have spent on Mendix, I realize that the full benefits of this no code/low code development hinges a lot on how the domain model is designed. Correctly designed domain models can simply make the development and maintenance experience joyful with Mendix or can turn it into a not so joyful experience!  Can you direct me to some resources (trainings, blogs, articles, case studies, etc) that would help me learn how to create domain models correctly in Mendix, I would be very grateful. I apologize if this question has been asked before here.  Thanks in advance. Regards, Sunil George.
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I would suggest having a look at a view learning paths in the online academy, specifically (Expand Your Domain Modeling Skills) (Design Advanced Domain Models)

Other paths are also interesting to further comprehend the different parts involved in building great Mendix apps.